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Prevention is better than cure. Avoid spending huge amounts of money on repairs and get a professional gutter maintenance service.

Do you want to have clean windows this season? That's also a service we offer. Our specialists

The accumulation of dirt on your house and shed is a problem that we can solve with the help of pressure machines.

For private residence parking lot washes, we use a pressure washer and treat the surface with a product to ensure that the algae disappears from your driveway, leaving it clearer.

To avoid the exorbitant cost of changing your hedges and for a topiary look, our experts advise you to have your hedges professionally trimmed twice a year.

Pressure washing of any exterior surface to remove dirt and especially organic debris such as algae, mould and fungi

Spring cleaning. Our specialists will carry out this arduous task efficiently and professionally. You will no longer have to worry about the residue left by the melting snow.

This service consists of collecting dead leaves, pulling up annual flowers, cutting and trimming perennials, pruning deciduous hedges and installing winter protection.

For a healthy soil and lawn, dethatching is essential. After a visit from our experts, you will see how effective this service is.

In addition to giving your flowerbeds a neat appearance, this maintenance will help to decompact the soil, thus allowing better oxygenation of the soil and better absorption of water, nutrients and fertilisers.

Oxygenation of the soil allows your greenery to have a better absorption of water and nutrients. This is a service that our specialists strongly recommend for a lawn at its best.

If there is a need to be, we can meet your related requirements. Simply contact our specialists so that they can assess your needs.

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  • Disinfect

Window cleaning is an essential maintenance service that keeps your windows looking clean and well maintained. We use the most advanced technology on the market to ensure your windows look great. Our process is simple, here are the steps of our window cleaning service: your water contains chlorines and minerals such as salt. Your water contains chlorine and minerals such as salt. We feed the water from your water supply into our filter. The filtration system uses a reverse osmosis process and deionizes the water in a first filter made of carbon. Once the water has passed through the RO (reverse osmosis) membrane, it is filtered again through another filter so that the water is further filtered. Once the water is filtered and demineralised, it travels to the end of the 40 foot pole to sit on the glass. We first scrub the window frame, then the glass, and finally we rinse it all off, leaving the glass shiny and streak-free. The advantages of this technology are incredible. Moreover, it is 100% environmentally friendly (we do not use any products that are harmful to the environment and that could damage your plants or the transparency of the glass). The third antistatic filter prevents any dust or pollen from sticking to the glass. In conclusion, this type of cleaning is of better quality and lasts longer than cleaning by hand.

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